15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021

Are you a beginner in blogging and stuck in choosing the best money making blog niches? In this post, I will suggest you 15 best money making blog niches for every beginner.

Choosing a blog niche is a difficult task for beginners but if someone takes time to decide and choose the right one it can make you a lot of money.

Note: Stick to a particular niche and create content accordingly, it will help you to build an audience.

What is a Niche?

Niche is a topic on which you are interested and confident to write anything related to it. For example, Finance, Sports, Food, Tech, etc.

How to Choose a Niche?

To select a niche you need to find answers for given questions yourself.

How much content I can write on this topic?

How many people are actually looking for this topic? (Take help of Google trends)

Can I earn money from this niche?

What affiliate products I can promote under this niche?

Once you answer these questions, do a little keyword research on your niche so that you can understand how much competition your niche blog will face.

Don’t worry because this problem is faced by everyone when they think to start a blog.

If you are still facing a problem then don’t brainstorm a niche and directly go through this post and find your niche to start a blog.

How to Start a Blog?

To start a successful niche blog you need to follow these steps

  • Select a blogging platform: I recommend you choose WordPress.
  • The domain name and hosting: Buy a domain name and hosting to give your website a name and make it live. You can buy it from Bluehost as it costs very low and used by many bloggers.
  • Customize your blog(Add a theme to your blog that suits your niche)

Once you have done it you are ready to start your blog and earn through it.

Here is the step by step guide to start a blog.

Starting a blog and making money from it is easy but you need to pick the right niche. So let’s dive into it and find out the best money making blog niche.

Best Blog Niches

1. Health & Fitness

Health (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

Health & Fitness are one of the most searched terms on Google every year. Other than that, during this COVID-19 pandemic, it has been very popular because people are becoming aware of their lifestyle.

Moreover, You will find a big audience if you take this niche for blogging. However, you will face tough competition in this niche as there are tons of blogs under this niche.

Factors on which you can choose blog niche under Health and Fitness are

  • Select target readers such as men, women, or kids
  • Select a specific content (Ex. diet plan, exercise, etc.)
  • Discuss health problems and how to tackle them

These are some factors that will help you to start blogging in Health and Fitness niche.

2. Food

Food Blog (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

As you all know food is our basic need and I guess it becomes difficult for you too, to stop yourself after seeing the picture or reading about a new dish. Above all this, human nature to try new dishes every day is very common.

Food blog has a separate audience and it can be recurring to your blog if you have an amazing content.

However, it has a broad category so you need to focus on specific content to build an audience. Further, you can generate more organic traffic from the search engines by sharing good and delicious recipes.

What to write in a Food blog?

You can write food recipes that taste good and easy to make. You can also write on healthy or nutritious foods for kids or women.

Quick Tip:

  • You can promote affiliate products related to food recipes.
  • Create amazing videos and post them on your YouTube channel to build a more loyal audience.

You can check Affiliate Marketing Basics for Newbies for more details.

3. Fashion

Fashion (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

It’s the era of new fashion trends as people are getting more aware of their lifestyle. Fashion is one of the most searched topics on the internet and it is getting popular.

Nowadays people are more concerned about fashion and the way of living. So, on every social media platform, there are millions of searches related to fashion every day.

It makes this niche a field of immense scope to earn through YouTube, blog, Instagram, Affiliate marketing, and other similar platforms.

You can generate more traffic from social media as millions of users are using these sites daily.

Your targeted audience can be specific to men, women or kids.

Moreover, you can write about

  • Fashion tips & tricks,
  • New fashion trends
  • Beauty & grooming tips

Stay focused on an specific area and publish content on it regularly and try to use attractive images. To create fashion blog niche read this post.

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4. Education

Education (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

Education is the key to success and this niche can also help you to achieve a long way success in blogging.

The global literacy rate increased by 4% every 5 years and it indicates that the educational blog will be a leading niche in the near future.

People are craving for knowledge regularly and it becomes a great source for you to create and sell eBooks, online courses, etc.

You can write on the topics in which you are good and have a confidence to teach it to people.

For instance, you can write about

  • How To do something
  • Factual knowledge
  • Specific topics or subject

5. Tech

Tech blog (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

2021 is the era of latest technological inventions and it is the most popular topics on the internet.

Technology has changed the demands and every industry needs to adopt this change. Tech blog has a broad category in which you can go for any specific topic. However, you will face tough competition in this niche.

There are any topics under this niche such as

  • Smartphones
  • New gadgets
  • Tech news
  • How To

Before buying any gadgets people often view for reviews on the internet. Moreover, they also search for comparison between two similar gadgets. So, you can share the reviews and also compare two products.

Quick Tip: Add affiliate products such as tech gadgets like smartphones, laptops, fitness bands, etc.

6. Travel

Travel blog (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

This niche is for people who like travelling and explore new places often. Travel blogs are money making blogs and these are very popular. Most popular travel blogs have recurring audience and they are generating a good revenue.

To build an audience you can create impressive vlogs and publish it on YouTube. Along with this you can take other approach to publish unique content in this type of blog.

You can write about

  • Top 10 places to visit
  • Publish vlogs
  • Tell your story
  • Travel deals
  • best Hotels, Resturants

Post amazing pictures on your blog to attract more readers.

7. Gaming

Gaming blog (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

It is another best niche in our list and it is an amazing niche mainly for those who are interested in gaming.

A popular gaming blogs can generate $100 to $1000 of earnings a month. Other than that you can also promote affiliate links in this blog to earn more.

Quick Tip: Add popular gaming videos to your blog.

You can write about

  • New Games
  • Review popular gadgets such as console, PlayStation
  • Top games
  • PC or Mobile Games

Further, you can also share latest news and trends on the gaming.

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8. Business and Marketing

Business blog (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

If you have a marketing background then you can start a business or marketing blog. Further, starting new business, selling online, new startups are emerging trends on the internet.

You can blog about

  • How to start a business
  • Brand Case Study
  • Marketing
  • Build customer
  • Podcast with other bloggers or market leaders

Furthermore, you can also share your ideas on entrepreneurship, freelancer, or growing small business.

Business or marketing blog is a high competition niche but you can rank your articles easily if it has a good content.

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9. Finance or Investment

Finance blog (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

Finance blogs are very famous and if the content is good then it may be a good source of income.

For instance, you can write on the following topics.

  • Share market
  • Personal finance
  • Investments
  • Loan

Further, you can share your opinion on personal savings and spending. Moreover, you can also publish podcast with experts on your blog to encourage visitors.

Investment or finance blog are very popular as everyone need money and they want to learn more about earning more.

You can publish best investment options in your country for example, stock market, fixed deposits, old, etc.

10. Beauty and Grooming

beauty blog (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

These blogs are for girls or women who want to earn by starting a blog and affiliate marketing. I know that I have discussed fashion blogs earlier. But you can create a blog on beauty and grooming and trust me you will get a good audience.

You can blog on specific content

  • Beauty & Grooming tips
  • Fashion Tips and Tricks
  • Top beauty products
  • Deals on stores

Beauty blogs are very popular and you can promote any affiliate product through this blog and earn through it. Many female bloggers are earning a lot just by affiliate sales from beauty and grooming blog. It is considered the most profitable and the best money making blog niches on this list.

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11. News

News Blog (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

News blogs are immensely popular as regular content is being published on it and even have a large audience.

If you want to do full time blogging then this niche is for you. Further, there are many areas in this niche and you can go for any specific until you have a team.

You can write about

  • National news
  • International News
  • Tech News
  • Specific to any State or City

For instance, you can list your blog on Google news to rank your blog and increase traffic on it. News blog generates a good revenue from Monetization as well as affiliate marketing. This is why it is the best money making blog niches in this list.

12. Movie

Movie Blog (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

Another most popular and interesting niche in our best money making blog niches list. A movie blog can be made by anyone because everyone is interested in watching movies and web series.

You can go for any areas in movie blog like

  • Movie Reviews
  • New Movies
  • TV-Series
  • Upcoming movies

Moreover, you can make a handsome income by creating a movie niche blog because it has a large audience that is interested and regular.

13. Cars & Bikes

Cars and bike Blog (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

More than 15 million cars were sold in the US in 2019. So, you can assume that how profitable is this niche. Next niche in our list of the best money making blog niches.

Cars & bike blogs are the best picks if you are interested to write about it. Even it is low competitive and can easily rank on search engine.

Additionally, you can blog on many areas such as

  • New Cars
  • New Bikes
  • Reviews
  • How To

There are many other areas in which you can blog on this niche. Further, the automobile industry is emerging and new inventions are evolving so it can be a great choice to pick this niche.

You can go for specific area to blog such as only on cars or only on bikes.

14. Dating

Dating website (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

Another best and most profitable blog niche idea that you can choose. Dating and relationship blogs are very popular these days. It is also the best money making blog niches in 2021.

Further, these blogs has a good audience and large followings. Moreover, it has low competition and easy to rank in search engines.

You can blog on these areas

  • Online Dating Tips
  • Relationships
  • Love & marriage
  • Flirting
  • Kissing Tips

You can add other people experience on dating and even fashion tips and tricks.

Quick Tip: Add a beautiful theme to your blog and quality images. Additionally, you can send personalized messages to subscribers to check regularly.

15. Language

Language blog (15 Best Money Making Blog Niches in 2021)

Language blogs are becoming more popular and making money. It is low competitive and has a good audience. Moreover, you can choose a specific language to blog such as English, Hindi, Spanish, French, etc.

Target your audience and write a blog in a language that is understandable to both you and the readers as well.

Add beginner friendly methods to learn new language. Moreover, you need to post regular on this type of blog.

Quick Tip: Stay updated on social media and add small videos to engage people to visit on your blog. It will drive massive traffic on your blog.

Add best plugins on your website to add more functionality.

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Other Best Money Making Blog Niche List

  • Gym tutorials
  • Software
  • Laws
  • Beer
  • Public Speaking
  • Elections
  • Carrier Tips
  • Gardening
  • Meditation
  • Music
  • Tutorials

Finally, I have mentioned all the best money making blog niche in this list and you can pick anyone from these.

Note: I have specifically researched on all these blog niches and some of these are very low competitive. Any men, women or young people can select specific niche based on their interests.

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