How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website?

What if I tell you that affiliate marketing is possible without a website? Can you make 6 figure income or more through affiliate marketing without having your own website or blog? Take a deep breath because it is possible to start affiliate marketing without website.

Yes, you read it right! for earning online and for promoting your affiliate products, having a professional website is not mandatory. Affiliate Marketing without writing articles is now possible as there are many opportunities available.

A lot of beginners drop their idea of starting their career as an affiliate marketer because of the initial investment that is required to start a blog. In this post, I’ll show you how to do affiliate marketing without a website.

NOTE: Having a blog will be an advantage to promote your affiliate products because it drives massive traffic and helps you to get clicks on your affiliate links.

If you want to learn and start affiliate marketing from scratch then read this first to have a basic understanding of the topic: Affiliate Marketing Basics for Newbies.

However, let me just mention here clearly that IT IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST MYTH. Anyone can promote their affiliate products and earn money online without investing a single penny.

So, this blog post will burst all your myths and after going through this post cover to cover I am sure that you will no longer hesitate to be an affiliate marketer.

There are several platforms which helps you to promote your affiliate products and their biggest asset is they do not ask for any monetary investment.

Here, I have mentioned 5 best methods that will be helpful for you to start affiliate marketing without website.

Through Social Media Platforms

Social Media platforms (How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website?)

According to Statista, Over 3.6 billion people are using social media worldwide. So, these numbers clearly indicate how much social media can help you.

Truly speaking, it is the best possible way to start affiliate marketing without website.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have a huge amount of users. Your target should be these users.

You need to develop a considerable amount of followers on social media platforms to get satisfactory clicks on your affiliate link.

This can be done by following ways

  • Posting valuable information on a daily basis
  • Answering questions asked by your audience
  • Creating posts that attract readers as much as possible

Always post content that is related to your niche. This will help you to create an audience that is interested in that niche and the probability of your product being purchased will increase.


YouTube (How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website?)

You tube has its users around the world and it is the second most search engine after google.

We all have noticed that many videos have promoted a variety of products through ads or by placing a link of that product in the description, that’s affiliate marketing in action.

You just need to create a content or video related to your topic and mention your affiliate link in the description below.

While creating your you tube video, keep this points in mind

  • Stick to your topic, it will help to increase traffic on your videos. If you will deviate from your topic then there are chances that you may lose your viewers.
  • Don’t mention the whole link, shorten the URL by using any URL shorter so that it looks neat and clean.
  • Be simple while making your content so that it seems to be helpful for more and more people.
  • Create an excellent content
  • Use keywords with low competition, it will increase the reach of your videos.

If you feel uncomfortable in appearing physically in your videos, then you can create videos which expresses your thoughts in the form of slides, screen sharing etc.


Facebook (How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website?)

Facebook has proved to be a helping hand for you to accomplish your aim.

You can create a Facebook page and share posts, stories, updates, and reviews about your affiliate product and etc. Be regular in posting your content so that your product reaches maximum people.

You can also create groups where people can join and can view your content. if your content seems to be helpful for them they will share it too!

Be regular in posting your content, stories, and always post useful information so that people interested in that niche becomes your audience.

I think people often underestimate this point but it plays a crucial factor, that you should continuously reply to the comments, this will help to build your trust in your audience.

Reply to the comments by visiting other pages related to your niche, and answer in a excellent manner so that people visit your page or profile.

Join other groups, and be proactive. By following these few steps, it will be easier for you to make money through affiliate marketing on Facebook.


Instagram (How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website?)

Instagram is a popular social media platform and it has over 10 billion active users worldwide.

Growing on Instagram is a not challenging task because if your content is amazing you will make a handsome income.

Some people make millions through Instagram and some fail to create a good amount of followers. You need to be active & consistent, posting single story or post would not be enough.

At-least 3 to 4 stories or posts must be shared in the initial phase, and you can even create attractive short videos. Along with this, use trending hashtags to reach more people.


Pinterest (How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website?)

Pinterest has become a popular platform to gain knowledge. In addition, it has also become a major platform for affiliate marketers.

Pinterest allows you to create boards with pins and you can categorize this pins by groups.

If you have amazing content Pinterest will show best results to its users.

The major advantage of Pinterest is that it allows you to insert clickable links, so it becomes easier for you to place your affiliate link on your boards.

Try to create attractive boards to get more clicks.

I suggest you create your own image, otherwise, there are chances that may infringe copyright and your content can be removed. In my opinion, to increase the probability of your pins coming up in search results, you should be more active on Pinterest.


Quora (How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website?)

It is a question and answer website. Here people answer different types of questions. It is a platform to share and gain knowledge.

You can find a number of answers for a particular question and if you like any answer you can upvote it, and follow that person.

While answering a question, people either mention facts or give their opinion.

You can create your profile on Quora and answer various questions related to your niche. Answer in an excellent manner.

The more you get upvotes on your answer, the more your answer will be ranked. Don’t mention more than one or two links in your answers because it looks like a spam.


Medium (How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website?)

IF your are thinking to start affiliate marketing without website, then medium should be your first choice.

It is also a type of blogging platform, where you can share your views, thoughts in the form of blog.

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A Medium is a place where you can read articles shared by experts and experienced people of a particular field or a topic.

You have to follow a very simple route to create your profile on Medium and after completing your profile in a professional manner you can share your views in the form of blogs.

In my opinion, Medium is a platform that can drive huge traffic on your affiliate link and its major merit is you don’t have to work on SEO for your blogs, from day one Medium starts working on your posts to rank higher on search engines.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing (How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website?)

You would have noticed that after subscribing to any website or a page, you receive email’s on daily basis about their updates, new products, etc. This is nothing but Email Marketing.

It is an effective strategy to compel your prospects and customers to get interested in your affiliate products and sometimes they end up buying your products.

You can either send emails giving information about your affiliate products or you can directly share your affiliate link in those emails.

For example, if you are doing affiliate marketing through Amazon and any sale has arrived related to your product you can give an idea about this sale through emails.

But for sending emails you should have a broad email list comprising of an audience interested in your niche.

Try to grow your email list through compelling offers and for this you need a Magnet.

A Magnet in email marketing is something that is offered by you free in exchange of email address.

This Magnet can be

  • E-books
  • Coupons
  • Quizzes
  • Training campaigns etc.



The another successful mantra to start affiliate marketing without website is creating E-book.

This process is simple and easy to execute and it can give a long-lasting result if done correctly in a managed way.

Try to create E-book on the topic you’re knowledgeable about because you are not simply creating an e-book for placing your affiliate link.

Give useful information in your e-book so that your information becomes helpful for readers.

By giving appropriate information people will click on the links you have mentioned and who knows they end up buying your product.

You can promote your E-book in two ways either it is paid or free.

PAID PROMOTION: There are several platforms where you can sell your e-book and you can earn money on each purchase of your E-book

FREE PROMOTION: This has an additional advantage that it will help you to build your audience for various purposes. You can promote freely through

  • Emails
  • Social media

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Forums & Online Communities

Forums & Communities (How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website?)

The Internet has also become the stage for discussions on various topics where you can gain unexpected knowledge.

These discussion platforms can be helpful for you to promote your affiliate links. Search for forums discussing a topic that revolves around your affiliate product.

Once you find a relevant platform, be an active member, start answering the questions, start debating in discussions to build your trust.

While discussing or answering in this forums start including your affiliate products.

Once you are able to build your trust and your active engagement can make people willing to click on your links and buy your affiliate products.


At last, it is possible to start affiliate marketing without website by working on these several methods. Be patient because it is the bitter truth that earning through affiliate marketing without a website is a challenging task and you have to do a lot of hard work.

Which method you use to promote your affiliate products?

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