How To Start Your First Blog in 2022 (Step-by-Step-Guide)

How To Start Your First Blog Hey there, I have been writing blog post from past 3 years. Initially for me too, starting a blog was a dream so, if you are also facing difficulty with it then don’t worry. I am here to help you to start your first blog.

4 Steps to Create Your Blog in 10 Minutes

Quick start guide

  • What is a Blog
  • Choosing a Profitable Niche
  • Selecting Domain & Hosting
  • Setup WordPress Theme
  • First Blog Post


The blog carries information about various elements and topics. It is a written form of thought and views of a person about a particular topic. Blog are of various types

  • Educational blog
  • Health and fitness blog
  • Business blog
  • E-commerce blog, etc.

But the question arises on how to start your first blog?

The answer is you just need an idea, a domain name, and hosting.

I have mentioned the best steps that will help you to start your first blog. Make sure you follow each step from the beginning.


Niche is a main essence of your blog. For example, if you want to write a blog related to guitar then your niche would be guitar. How To Start Your First Blog in 2022

So always choose a niche that suits your blog. But if you are spending your so much of time in writing a blog, wouldn’t you want to make money from it? Yes definitely.

Remember your passion should be your niche

So choosing a profitable niche is mandatory. Select a niche that fulfill this two criteria’s

  • In which you have interest
  • Which is profitable and helps you to earn money.

Note: While selecting your niche make sure to evaluate competitor’s blog. It will give you detailed insights about the traffic on your niche.

Choosing Blog Name

Along with this, you also need to choose a name for your blog. Make sure that your blog name is as short as possible. Additionally, your blog name should be easy and catchy so that every time it clicks the mind of your readers. Additionally, check the availability of the domain name of your blog.

Check your domain name here

Selecting a Blogging Platform

There are many blogging platforms such as

In this post, I will use WordPress as a blogging platform that is paid but you can refer to “” if you want to start for free. However, you will need a custom domain. If you want to start on Blogger then check out this post.

Step 2: Buy Domain Name & Hosting

A domain name is similar to your brand name and will reflect your identity. For instance, is a domain name for Facebook. Further, always select a domain name that synchronizes your niche (topic) and gives a rough idea about your website to the reader. How To Start Your First Blog in 2022

I recommend you to go for the “dot com” extension but if you like to choose another extension such as “dot net” or “dot tech” you can go for it.

Web hosting is a service that allows you to post your blog or website on the internet.

Head to to buy a domain name and hosting. I would suggest you go for a basic plan that would cost you $2.75 only if you are planning to host a single website.

How To Start Your First Blog
Bluehost web hosting plans

You will see this page once you are logged in to the website. Enter your domain name and click next.

Start your first blog in 2021
How To Start Your First Blog in 2022

Moreover, Select the best plan according to your need. Also, the website needs protection so I would suggest you take domain privacy and protection. Next, add the payment info and click submit.

Start your first blog in 2021
How To Start Your First Blog in 2022

Now you are all set to start your first blog. How To Start Your First Blog in 2022

STEP 3: Setup Your First WordPress Blog

 If you are creating a blog for the first time then I would suggest you go for 4 simple steps that Bluehost will provide you. By answering 4 simple questions your first blog will be ready. You can even skip these steps to create a blog on your own.

Finally, after answering these questions inside your Bluehost hosting, click on Launch Now.

Congrats! your first blog is now live. You can check your blog by visiting the address i.e.,

Now that your blog is successfully launched you need to customize the theme of your blog and trust me it is very easy.

Login to your WordPress admin panel by following this link

WordPress Login
WordPress admin login – How To Start Your First Blog

After login you will be redirected to WordPress dashboard.

Admin Panel - dashboard for WordPress
Admin Panel – dashboard for WordPress

On the left side, you can see there are many options that include post, media, appearance, etc. I would highly recommend you to check out this article to learn more about these settings on WordPress. It will help you to get knowledge of your dashboard.

Now to install a theme, click on customize button on the top of the page.

WordPress Theme Customization
How To Start Your First Blog in 2022

You will be redirected to customize page of your website. Now simply click on change button.

WordPress Themes
WordPress theme installation – How To Start Your First Blog in 2022

Now click on themes, different themes will appear. Here you can also search for various themes. Select the one according to your need and click on install and preview.

Now, on the top left corner click on “activate” to launch your theme. Finally, you have launched a new theme on your blog.

Step 4: Customizing WordPress theme

Till now you have launched a blog theme. Further, you need to customize it. Here are some important guidelines that you need to check out before customizing the theme.

  1. Create a logo: First things first, create a beautiful logo that will attract the reader and defines your blog. You can search for a free logo maker online to create a logo.
  2. Customize Menu: Add a menu to the blog. Make sure that you research your competitor’s website. it will help to choose relevant menu items. Some important pages that you need to add to the menu are About us, Contact Us, etc.
  3. Site identity: This section is all about branding here you can upload a logo, site title, and tagline.
  4. Homepage Settings: This section helps to choose what is to be displayed on the home page. Such as blog latest posts, widgets, etc.
  5. Background Image: It is not mandatory to use a background image for your blog it depends on the theme that you have selected.
  6. Color: Add background color to your blog theme.
  7. Widgets: You can customize the footer for your blog in the widgets section.
Install plugins

In order to install plugin on your theme click on plugins > Add New (As shown in the image).

WordPress Plugins
How To Start Your First Blog in 2022

Now, you can search for any plugin or you can upload by clicking on the upload plugin button as shown in the image. After searching for a plugin, click on install now > Activate.

WordPress Plugins download
Adding Plugin – How To Start Your First Blog in 2022
Recommended Plugins
  • Elementor: It is a customization tool that provides you a feature to enhance your page. It has a drag and drop page builder that allows you to customize your page.
  • Full-width template: It allows you to eliminate side widgets on a specific page and create a full-width landing page.
  • Yoast SEO: It is the best WordPress SEO tool that helps you to manage SEO for your blog.
  • WPForms: Using this plugin you can customize your contact form.

Read More: If you want to learn more about plugins, I have an in-depth tutorial about them.

Visit: 8 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs (For Beginners)

Congrats! you have just start your first blog, now it’s time to write your first blog post.

Head to How to Write your first blog post. (Easy Guide for Beginners) to learn more about how to start writing your first blog post.

I hope this article helps you! Please comment if you have any questions or suggestions for the next post. How To Start Your First Blog in 2022