How to Start Writing your first blog post. (Easy Guide for Beginners)

Write a blog post that people actually want to read…

Hii, I am Bhavik Jain, I have experience of more than 3 years in creating a blog from start and take it to the next level. In this post, I will help you to start writing your first blog post.

But If you have not started your first blog till now then I would recommend you to check this article How To Start Your First Blog in 2021 (Step-by-Step-Guide) and start your blogging journey.

So till now, you’ve set up your blog and you have designed a great theme that best defines your niche.

I know there are many questions that comes into your mind like…

How to start writing my first blog post?

What should I write about?

What content should be in my first blog post?

Don’t worry I am here to help you to write your first blog post. In this post, I will mention some tips that you can include while writing your blog post.

Find your topic

Find Your Topic

First things first, you need to find a topic that relates to your niche. Just think that your blog is the shop and the content is the inventory you are selling to the readers.

Moreover, you need to do detailed research on what should be your first topic. For example, If you are running a fitness blog then you can take topics that are relevant to fitness such as Fitness advice on workouts, Diets & nutrition, fitness tips, etc.

Additionally, if you have a blog on education then you can write the tutorials, how-to, etc. The best content brings traffic to your blog so take the topic of your interests. I can suggest you best post ideas that you can write on.

  • How-To
  • Deals
  • Beginner’s Guide
  • Tutorials
  • Top Lists

Along with it, always describe the problem at the start of the blog post and also give the solution to it. Because a reader will only come to your post if he finds the best solution to it.

Detail keyword research

Detail Keyword Research

Now that you have selected your title, the next thing you need to do is detailed keyword research on that title. Keyword research is very important if you need to rank your post on the search engine.

Moreover, it helps to increase traffic on your blog. For instance, keyword research will give you a detailed report on keyword traffic, CPC, and keywords difficulty.

I would recommend you to take keywords that have a difficulty of less than 30.

Here are the best tools for keyword research you can use.

Moreover, keyword research involves the best title that you can select for your post that helps to rank in google. Additionally, you can take the help of Google Trends to search for trending topics to enhance your title.

If you don’t know how to do keyword research, don’t worry I have written a detailed article so just go through this. It will help you to take the best keywords for your blog post.

Research your competitor’s blog post

Now that you have researched your keyword, the next thing you need to do is to research your competitor’s blog posts.

You need to look at the top posts on google. Review the title, content, and keywords that he has included in his post. Therefore, It will give you the best idea for your content.

Make sure that you don’t copy anything from other websites while writing the content because it will put a bad impression on your blog.

Start writing your blog

Start Writing your first post

Now you are ready to write your first blog post. Congrats! But wait, don’t hurry because this is not just about writing a post. Here are some tips to start writing…

Structure of your blog post

When you start writing your first blog post, it is important to plan the structure for your blog post because it makes your post readable. Additionally, you can add a table of contents on the top of the post that will help readers to easily know about the contents of your post.

I have mentioned some steps below that are important to structure your blog post.

  1. Title of the topic: Choose a title that would attract readers to read the post. It should be in the H1 heading format.
  2. Introduction: It will include a brief summary of the post. Along with this, make sure that it includes at least 100 words of content.
  3. Main Body: It will cover the main content of your blog post. When I’ve started writing the blog post I always include the keywords that will help me to rank my post on Google. I would recommend you to do the same.
  4. Summary: So, after ending the main body just write a brief summary of the post that will help readers to cover up the post. Other than that, you can add points to the summary that will cover your blog post.
  5. Conclusion: Always conclude the article that you are writing. Additionally, end the post with a question and tell readers to comment that will engage your readers and put a good impression on the post.

Steps to write first blog post in WordPress

Step#1: In your WordPress dashboard click on Posts > Add New.

Click on Add new Post

Step#2: Now a screen will appear where you can start writing your post.

Step#3: In title section add your main title of your post.

WordPress New Post Screen

Step#4: Click on the + icon to add images, paragraph blocks, and lists. You can search for more as per your need.

Step#5: To add the featured image, in the top right corner click on Settings icon > Post > Featured Image > Add featured Image.

Add featured Image

Step#6: Once you are finished with your post, click on Publish Button. Your post will be published.

Additional Tips

Images and Video: Including images or video in your post will engage the people while reading your post. Along with it, please include high-quality images In every post. Check out this post to learn more about how to use images and video in the blog post.

SEO: Research before writing your blog post. research for keyword, content, and competitor’s article.

On-page SEO is as important as SEO after publishing the post. Generally, It means that including the main keywords in your post. It will help to rank the post on top pages.

I have a detailed article on how to optimize your website for SEO.

Heading: Headings will help the readers to make assumptions on what will be the next content of your blog post. Even, it will make the presentation more better and attractive.

Social Media: Share your post on social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It will generate more traffic to your blog post.

Conclude: Don’t forget to conclude the post at the end because the reader will appreciate it and even it is a gift to them.

Ask Question: It is the best way to start your post when you ask questions to the readers. It is helpful in relating your content.

Just think like this you are searching for the functioning of fitness bands and you got the results How Fitness Band works?

After Writing Tips


After writing the post, you must look for the formatting of your document.

Before publishing proofread your content twice and look for errors such as grammar and any misspelled words.

Grammarly: The best tool to help you to write your article. It will find all the grammar mistakes in your posts and will suggest you correct the words.

Tip : Add Grammarly to Google chrome extension.


Keep the URL of your blog post very short.

Tip: Add the main keyword into the URL and make sure that there are no numbers. You can customize the URL in the WordPress Settings. Moreover, the Yoast SEO plugin will help you to understand and customize your post URL and title.

Use Optimized Images

Whenever you upload images to the blog post in WordPress make sure that you add Alt text and Image description to it. Some of the best WordPress Plugins for image optimization are

  2. Compress JPEG & PNG images
  3. EWWW Image Optimizer

Tip: Add the main keyword (title) to the description.


Congrats! You have just learned how to start writing your first blog post. Thanks for reading this article. If you still do not understand any topic please comment below I will definitely answer it.

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